Hype (Pico) alternative

If you're currently using Hype (formerly known as Pico) and you're seeking a more robust solution solely focused on news publishers, you've landed at the right place!

In recent months, Hype has shifted its focus more toward content creators leaving many news publishers to seek alternative solutions. Here are a few things to consider if you're looking to migrate to a new solution.

  1. SaaS platforms like Hype lock you into an ecosystem that makes it very affordable to get started. However, as you grow, it starts to become more expensive with little control over your data. We recommend an open-source approach via a platform like WordPress.
  2. Migrating existing subscriptions out of Hype is not an easy task. Even when you turn off the Hype spigot, you'll need to knock out the transaction fee that is baked into your Stripe subscriptions. We can help!
  3. Find a partner that is publisher-focused. Whether it's a web developer, agency, or PaywallProject, get a focused partner that can help take your paid digital subscriptions to the next level.

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