How to convert casual readers into loyal paying subscribers

So you're considering a paywall but aren't sure which direction to go?

There are various paywall-based strategies from hard-paywalls, soft-paywalls, free trials, donations, memberships, etc.

Generally, we recommend trying all options, but there's one method that works especially well.

Most users that land on your site will not automatically subscribe unless they're able to access some of your content for free. Let's explore a model that we're seeing success with here at PaywallProject.

We'll call this model, the free registration wall. Here's how it works:

  • Give away 1 free article per month to anyone that visits your website
  • Ask readers to register for free for 2 additional articles (add user to newsletter automatically when they register for free)
  • Send a weekly newsletter with stories to free subscribers
  • Newsletter story clicks eat up 2 free articles
  • After 2 free articles are used, ask readers to subscribe for $

This particular model will grow your newsletter, keep your free audience engaged, and eventually bring them on board as paying subscribers. Creating content that your readers care about and informing them via your newsletter is the best way to retain your paying subscribers month to month.

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